Saturday, June 22, 2013

Smash Book - All My Crafts #1

I have just become addicted to a new way of scrapbooking (for me) called Smash Books.  I purchased my first one to put in all the different things and pictures that I have found around while doing my cleaning, ex: found alot of pictures and old check cashing cards when I cleaned out my china cabinet.  Well that was only the beginning, I now have five and have the stuff for making another.  I am using one for whenever I travel, even when it is just for the day I am taking pictures out of the window of stuff I see.  I am using another for all my cards that I receive.  One I have not used yet but I'm thinking of using it for things about me and my husband, and here the the final one.  It is for my craftroom and sewing room, I wanted to show all the different transformations.  I will also include pics of all the different crafts and sewing items that I have made over time.  So here is ten of the pages that I have done so far.


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