Sunday, June 23, 2013

Helpful Hints #8

Hi, I wanted to share with you a few things that I came up with that I think you may find helpful.  First I wanted to keep my plastic on my Smash book but still use my pen, so all I did was cut out the pen area and tape the excess flat.  I found that I needed to use a wide tape because my pages were getting hooked , but how it closed smoothly.  Next I wanted a Geotag stamp but could not find one in the stores so I thought just make one.  I pulled out the rubber that I had made some homemade stamps with and with a little thought  along with some trial and error here is what I came up with.  Finally I wanted to make the page inserts to add pages or items to my Smash book or any book that has the spiral binder (all you need to do is adjust the length).  All I did was to open up the ones that I bought and copy what they did.  Now I can make them to match any page or just a basic white or black to add to any spiral notebook.  I hope that you find my hints helpful.



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  1. Great tips! Love the idea of making your own tip-in page holders. So many uses, not just in the Smash Books. Thanks for sharing! I love your videos- you explain things well, don't get distracted and your voice is very calming! Thanks again!


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