Saturday, April 26, 2014

April 2014 Crocheting

I have really been enjoying myself with crocheting.  I forgot how addicting it is.  I did my first adult garment, a sweater.  I think it really came out nice, I must admit that it did not turn out like I thought it would.  It came out really big, I did not know about gauging, and that is really important when making a garment.  I now have learned and it is not hard to figure out.  The pattern will tell you what size yarn and hook to use, but be sure to check the gauge.  Some people my crochet tighter than others so the gauge will tell you how many stitches per inch and how many rows per inch.  So if you want to use a different yarn and hook you have to figure out how many stitches per inch and how many rows per inch you need to make match then adjust your measurements.  Also if you stitch tight you may need to adjust your hook size.  I am done with the stitching but I still have a few threads to weave in, and still need to block it again.  This sweater I found in the Spring 2014 Crochet magazine, Page #22 "Uptown Chic Cardigan".  The yarn that I used is from Stitch Nation by Debbie Stoller, Full o' Sheep 100% Peruvian Wool in Passionfruit.

The following two items did not require gauging.  Usually that is for garments.
The afghan is from a free tutorial from a blog, "Dada's Place" at, and the block is "Primavera Flower Granny Square".  You have to go to her blog she is great.
The yarn that I am using is "Red Heart Shimmer" in Cherries Jubilee and Lime they are 97% Acrylic and 3% Metallic,  the "Caron Simply Soft" in White, Victorian Rose, Passion, Soft Pink and Orchid all are 100% Acrylic.  I'm also using "Bernat Satin" in Banana it is also 100% Acrylic.  I still need to make three more rows then add a border.

The last item that I worked on this month is a Amigurumi Dragon that I made for my oldest son for an upcoming birthday, he collects anything dragon related.  It's from a pattern that I purchased online at called "Grow, Baby Dragon".  This was my first stuffed animal but it won't be my last.  I had so much fun making it.  I have an ever growing list of the different ones that I want to make.  The yarn that I used for this item was from "Loops & Thread" Snuggly Wuggly in Pee Wee Prints and Fresh Green  both 100% Acrylic.


So for May I hope to have the afghan completed and a few more of these cute animals.


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