Wednesday, January 29, 2014

2014 New Home Finance Binder

While sitting here preparing my bills one day I saw that it was easy for me to do, because I made it up.  But if something happened and I needed someone to take over that job for me, it would be alittle difficult.  So I decided to make up a new system that would be super easy to follow.  I wanted to keep this process simple but effective so I only used three main sections.  The calendar, the checkbook and the utilities (all bills).  I also included a pocket to all things mailing, another section for reciepts, a flyleaf full of assorted sticky notes, and the final sections for "Bills to be paid", "Bills Paid".  I started using this system this month and can not believe how easy it flows.  I have also showed my husband and sons where I keep the binder and how it works.  I listed the supplies that I used to make this binder below.

Binder - (Walmarts) PlanAhead 11 X 13.25 Binder
Pencil Holder - (Target) I used 2
Sticky Notes - (Staples) Martha Stewart assorted styles
Page Protectors - (Staples) Heavy Duty
Dividers - (Deals) File Folder 3 pack
2 Pocket Folder - (Staples) Oxford
Calendar -
Check Register - Family Life Credit Services Check Register Template


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