Sunday, January 20, 2013

Project Life Week #1 - 3

These are my first few weeks of my 2013 Project Life Album.  I am really enjoying making there pages.  I changed the first two page when I bought the new pages and wanted them be all to be the same size and the othere were smaller.

This is my opening page.

Week #1 tells why I want to do Project Life.,

Week #2 is a sample of my normal week, cooking, playing Gin with my husband and work.  I took a pic of the pot of beans because they were like the ones my mother made (I called my sister and she talked me through them).

Week #3 shows what have been going on this week, I started a organizational binder, my puppy eating eating a treat, she is so rotten, and the last two are of my cat we just found out that he has asthma and needs aresol treatments.  We went to the store and bought the box to make his nebulizer chamber (he is in it getting a treatment).


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