Saturday, January 19, 2013

Family Organizer

I could not see myself buying the Folofax Binder Organizer but wanted to give the organizer a go again.  I would start one and never follow through with is so I pulled out an old binder (I have several) went to Walmarts for the refills and got started.  I've only been using it for a week now but love it.  I have got so much more done since using this binder.  I make a to-do list on my weekly calendar page and check things off as I go, I started feeling in more control of what I  need to get done.  This time I feel that I will continue with it at least I hope so.



  1. I live in my planner! If it's Daytimer or Franklin Covey, the paper is quality enough to take lots of dry media and some wet. Look at this set on Flickr!

  2. I took a large calendar (binder size, but not a binder) and have altered it inside (not outside yet)to meet my needs. It includes post-its, highlighted items, and colorful reminders. I have done so for several years and it does make a difference in how I approach life and deal with it.


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