Saturday, March 22, 2014

My Yarn Storage and Organization

I wanted to share how I store and organize my crocheting supplies.  I just began crocheting again after over 25 years and found myself in need of storage and organization.  As I have a dog and a cat I wanted to make sure that I could keep my yarn clean and fur free, so I have to become creative.  I do love to organize on a budget so I had to come up with a few good ideas.  Along with the Sterilite containers I also found these items that could work.

These were Stackable storage containers that I found in several sizes but bought these two.  I had my husband drill a hole in the center for the yarn to pull through.  They work great.  I finally received my ball winder and made the yarn cakes with the center pull and they work great in these.  They were purchased at a local store called Marcs for $.99 and $1.49.

This is a bottle bag that I found at Family Dollar for only $7.00.  I use this for my on the go bag.  It is the perfect size.

This is a larger bag that I found at Tuesday Morning for $9.99.  It is a Singer sewing and craft bag.  I use this for my Work in Progress (WIP) items.  Right now I am working on a sweater.  It is made in 5 pieces so I store the pieces here and use the small bags to take a pieces that I am working on in.



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