Sunday, December 1, 2013

Holiday Binders

I wanted to share with you my new Thanksgiving Organizer Binder.  I have used one for Christmas for the past 2 years and just love it.  So this year for Thanksgiving I made myself a note of what I wanted to do and when.  Boy did that work, I was so thrilled with how smoothly everything ran that day.  So off to Pinterest to see if there was anything out their, and there was plenty.  I just picked out things I thought would work for me and made up the rest.  I used a composition book covered with scrapbook paper on my cover, I made up the dividers on "MS Word" and a free image of the internet.  The tabs are just a 2x2 piece of cardstock folded in half, rounded the corners and used my label maker.  The paper that I used on the cover was so decorative that I only added a couple 3D embellishments.  Now I am off to transfer my worksheet to my new book.   


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