Sunday, March 24, 2013

Project Life Update

I wanted to share with you how I am keeping up with my Project Life.  As with everything elso sometimes life gets in the way and I had to find a way to keep up with what I wanted to include and where to place it.  I am using my family organizer to keep track of everything.  I put the week on the top and beside an event  I add PL in red to indicate that this may be something that I want to include in that weeks pics.  I am still  taking pictures and this way I know what picture goes with what week.  I also wanted to share with you a cart that I found ate Walmarts that I am using to store all my Project Life items. Now I have everything in one place.  I am also in the process ( a never ending) of cleaning and reorganizing my craftroom and as I come across things that I feel would work well in my Project Life album I put it in this cart.  This is working out great.


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