Saturday, February 25, 2012

Make Your Own Scrapbook Page Kit

I have neglected my scrapbooks lately and wanted to get back into them so I printed off a ton of prints from Walgreens. Then I thought now what to do, so I decided to make up kits for my many events. First I separated the pics and placed them in bags, then I added the paper and embellishments.

Her is a picture of how I store them.

This video shows the process.



  1. What a great idea to gather and sort 'everything' needed and place in large enough sized Hefty! Thanks for the tutorial!

  2. that's what I do too...great way to use your stash and it makes your scraptotes much easier to transport when going to a crop. I usually put mine in the CTMH holders and carry about 10 with me :)

  3. Auh~ Good thing you went back on it! Scrapbooking is fun and it is one thing most crafters love to do to de-stress. It’s soothing, and at the same time very sentimental, since you get to reminisce the good old days. The video is great… Do you have more?
    Max Macbeth


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