Saturday, July 18, 2009

My Scrap Place

This is my small scrap place. It is located behind my sofa in our livingroom. So while I scrap our two dogs guard me from the sofa (have to keep it covered). My area may be small but I have everything that I need. I have a full sewing/quilting room the the third floor of our home. That use to be my haven before we got the new puppy and she does not like to be left alone, so we moved the scrapbook area to the livingroom. So no matter the size of your space make it work for you.



  1. Margaret i love your craft room you would never guess it is located in you living room it looks like it's a room.I too have no craft room and my stuff is in half my living room and half my dining room and you have to have everything organized and that's what i am doing now and i appreciate seeing your craft area because it gave me some ideas for my own..Thank You.....Peggie

  2. I agree with Peggie. Your little area is so nice and organized you would never believe that you have so much stuff in such a small space. I too have no "room" for my scrap stuff so it's all in the kitchen. I love your ideas and you have given me inspiration on how to better organize and store my things. Thanks so much for sharing, Tammy


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