Saturday, February 23, 2013

Project Life Week 5-6

This is my week 5-6 of my Project Life album.  For Week #5,  I was down with a bad head cold then lost my voice for a week.  My husband had just received his new BP equipment that has to be hooked up through the phone line so that when he does his blood pressure and blood sugar it is sent directly to the nurses office at the VA.

For Week #6,  I had just completed the downstairs bathroom and wanted to show the before pictures.                     

The after pics shows the decorating that I did this week.  The bathroom was done this past summer but I never took the time to decorate it.  The pictures we counted cross stitch pictures that I had done years ago.  I bought another fabric shower curtain and made a skirt for the sink.

I still have to finish the journaling on this page.               



  1. WOW super cute you did a great job on the bathroom!

  2. Great job on the project life. Love the design


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