Friday, October 7, 2011

My Copic Storage

After seeing the new Copic Marker Storage Bag I wanted to reshow my bag that I put together September 2010. It is a cooler that I removed the plastic insert from. It was purchased from WalMarts for around $9.00. I'm not into football but It was the right size and price. It is very portable but mainly sits on my desk. Right now it holds 181 markers, 14 Spica markers, 16 refills and my color booklet. They are divided by color. I love the fact that it zips closed and has a nice shoulder strap.

This is the outside of the cooler. It rests on its side for easy access.

This is the front pocket that holds the refills, some hand sanitizer, baby wipes, and a jump drive that I store a backup of my digital images.

This is the main compartment for my markers. I have an assortment of holders to fit. I have dividers between the colors.

This is one of the side pockets. It holds my Copic booklet with my colors and notes. In the other pocket I have a photo organizer to hold stamped images.
Here is the previous post of my holder:



  1. Margaret, I love your work and I really do miss seeing you on You Tube. I know you are a very busy lady because you are extremely talented. Drop us a video soon. BTW, love your copic work (hope to be good like you some day).

  2. What a great idea...will be using this one!

  3. This is so creative and economical. Thanks for sharing!


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