Sunday, September 11, 2011

New Craft Table

Wanted to share some pics of my new craft table. It is actually two tables pushed together. I found them at one of our local WalMarts marked down to $29.00. They came in white and block. They measure 39" X 21 1/2". So that gives me a nice large working surface of 39" X 43".

The green chair is also a WalMarts clearance. I needed an extra chair and the green fits right in.



  1. Margaret,
    That is so cool, what a bargain, love the chair too. I wish I had a bigger room so I could host more people at my house for crops.
    Pam F. from Yahoo scrapbook rooms group

  2. What a great idea pushing them together. I have been eyeing those desk for a while one. ;). What is the little white thing beside the desk?


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