Monday, October 11, 2010

My Copic Marker Log

This is my new Copic marker log that I made. This is the cover. I just colored some images and marked what colors I used. The stamps are from "The Greeting Farm".

This is how the inside looks. I have two colors to a page except for the Earth tones(E) because there are so many. I left blank spaces under each color to add any new colors. I also left blank pages at the end of the book to try out colors with the paper I am using. I made I squares large enough so that I can get a good look of the colors.

Here is a download link for my project (I have never done this before so I hope it works):
(When printed I set my printer to do 2 pages per sheet)



  1. OMG! I love it! Would you be willing to share the file you made? I have GOT to have one of these you clever girl!

  2. I love it! And the stamps on the cover! What brand are they??? (read that sentence as "Enable me please")

  3. The log is awesome! I can't open it as it was in WordPerfect and I only have Word but now I have a project for those long winter nights.


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