Sunday, September 26, 2010

Copic Storage

This is the way I now store my Copic markers. I like to take them with me when I go places but hated to have them all mixed up. This is a cooler that I found at Wal-Marts for $9.00 then used some foam core board to make the dividers. I made the sections different sizes.
This is the inside view of the bag how I have the markers divided. The lid is on the bottom.

This is the side view of how I have the extra images that I want to work on. I keep them in a plastic photo organizer.

This is back view of how I have the straps locked down when I have the case on my desk. I put the lid on the bottom.

This is the front pocket where I store my refills, a small light, my ink pad just for using with my Copic markers and some hand sanitizer to clean my hands from the markers.
Hope that you find this info helpful.


  1. This is an awsome idea! I'm going to go check out Walmart in the morining. Thanks for the Great tip!

    Linda Jones

  2. How fabulous is that?! Thanks for sharing. :-)

  3. Wow..would have thought of a! How do you sort your colors?


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