Saturday, November 28, 2009

Reuse warped mats

I just wanted to share a video with you how I reused an old warped mat.



  1. Thrifty=Good
    Very clever idea and I am glad you shared this tip because I hate to get rid of the old mats.

  2. LOVE THIS!! I don't like to throw things away either when it seems like they could still be used for something. This is a great idea to recycle them for a new purpose!!

    My daughter liked this idea, too and I think I will use it with my kids when they craft- no more losing the little pieces or wondering what to do with them once they are decorated but need to dry. Now we can just set the mat aside and let everything dry.

    Thanks for sharing!!! Great job!!

  3. what a great idea! i love being thrify but hate to hold onto things for the "maybe I'll need it" idea. this gives me a reason to hold onto my old mats!

  4. Thanks for this GREAT idea! No more messin' up a "stickled" piece when it's wet!


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