Friday, May 29, 2009

Graduation Items

These are the items that I made with my Cricut for my DS graduation dinner that we are having next weekend. He is my last son that we graduated (we home schooled him and our oldest son).Yaaaaaaaaaaaaa we are done.
Napkins: I found the wrapped napkin and cutlery sets in the colors needed and I made small caps and taped them to the napkin rings.
Card: I made the card by first printing the inside of the card then made the large cap and lettering for the outside of the card.
Treat Box: I made a square box and attached a square to the top, made a tassel using yarn that was attached with a black brad. Inside is a small sack of M&Ms.
Centerpiece: I still need to insert his pic, I engraved his name and 2009 to the plate using my cricut with the engraving needle.
Cartridges used: Lyrical Letters, Locker Talk, Tags, Bags, Boxes & More, Base Camp

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  1. Margaret ..those are beautiful! Very well done!


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