Friday, April 17, 2009

Vinyl Wall Art

This is my first attempt at vinyl wall art. I used the Cricut vinyl, Stone Script and Home Accents cartridges. I found using the design studio made it much easer. Without using it some letters would not cut. When I put it up on DS I saw that the letters like the "y" was off the mat. So if you move this letter up on DS then after cutting it out just cut and realign before placing your transfer tape works out great. (This may not be a problem if you use your "E" I have the Create. Remember to mark your wall lightly with a pencil to line up your project. After cutting and aligning your art remove all the vinyl not needed (I cut away all larger unused areas to use for smaller projects prior to removing the unneeded vinyl). Then apply your transfer tape (I have heard that others have used many different ways of applying the vinyl but for my first time trying it I used the transfer tape). I used an old prepaid gas card, you can use what ever works for you, to rub the letters to make them adhere good to the transfer take. Then lift up slowly to remove the letters. Do not make your transfer tape too long because it will be too hard to apply if doing by yourself. Apply your image to the wall then use you card again to rub the letters to make them stick to the wall. Slowly remove the transfer tape,watch to make sure that your letters are stuck on the wall. If you take your time you can do it. This was my first of three walls that I have done. Remember that the transfer tape can be used again, just replace the backing.

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